CAM Expert / NC-Programmer (m/f/d)

CAM Expert / NC-Programmer (m/f/d)

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Job title: CAM Expert / NC-Programmer (m/f/d)

Company: Dassault Systèmes

Job description: company since 1981. As a CAM Expert / NC-Programmer (m/f/d) you will reveal and demonstrate to customers how to maximize the…

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Location: Deutschland

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The role of a CAM Expert/NC-Programmer involves using software programs to create instructions for machines in order to manufacture products. CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and it is used to automate the production process. This role requires technical expertise in using CAM software and the ability to program machines accurately.

The responsibilities of a CAM Expert/NC-Programmer include analyzing engineering designs and converting them into machine instructions. They need to understand the specifications of the product and determine the best way to manufacture it. This involves selecting the appropriate tools, materials, and processes. They also need to consider factors such as efficiency, cost, and quality in their decision-making.

Another important aspect of this role is the ability to troubleshoot issues that arise during the manufacturing process. CAM Experts/NC-Programmers need to be able to identify and fix problems with the programming or machinery to ensure smooth operation. This requires strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

In addition to programming machines, CAM Experts/NC-Programmers also need to collaborate with other members of the manufacturing team. They may work closely with engineers, designers, and operators to ensure the production process runs smoothly. Effective communication is essential in this role, as they need to clearly convey instructions and provide updates on progress.

To become a CAM Expert/NC-Programmer, one typically needs a degree in engineering or a related field. Additionally, experience with CAM software and programming languages is often required. This role requires strong technical skills and the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new software and technologies.

Overall, a CAM Expert/NC-Programmer plays a vital role in the manufacturing process. By programming machines accurately and efficiently, they contribute to the successful production of high-quality products. This role requires technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with team members. With the increasing use of automation in manufacturing, the demand for CAM Experts/NC-Programmers is likely to continue to grow.

Job date: Sun, 20 Aug 2023 07:13:10 GMT

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