CMS Fullstack Developer Contentful (all genders)

CMS Fullstack Developer Contentful (all genders)

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Job title: CMS Fullstack Developer Contentful (all genders)

Company: Adesso

Job description: –Developer in Backend und Frontend ein. Neben der Umsetzung des Web-Frontends mit modernsten Web-Frameworks gehören Customizing…

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Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Contentful is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that provides fullstack development capabilities. It is widely used by developers of all genders to create and manage content-driven websites and applications.

As a CMS, Contentful allows users to store, manage, and deliver digital content seamlessly. It follows a headless approach, meaning that the content can be displayed on multiple platforms such as web, mobile, or even IoT devices. This flexibility enables developers to create unique and customized digital experiences for their users.

With its fullstack development capabilities, Contentful supports both frontend and backend development. Frontend developers can use Contentful’s flexible APIs and SDKs to easily integrate the CMS into their preferred programming language or framework such as JavaScript, React, Angular, or any other major frontend technology. This allows them to pull the required content from Contentful and display it on their applications with ease.

Backend developers, on the other hand, can leverage Contentful’s powerful tools and services to create robust and scalable backend systems. They can use Contentful’s webhooks, workflows, and content models to define the structure and organization of the content. This ensures that the content is effectively managed and can be easily updated or modified whenever needed.

One of the key advantages of using Contentful as a CMS for fullstack development is its ability to handle both structured and unstructured content. It provides a unified content model that allows developers to define the schema for structured content, such as articles or products, while also supporting flexible content structures, such as landing pages or marketing campaigns. This makes it easier for developers to create dynamic and adaptable digital experiences.

Moreover, Contentful offers a range of developer-friendly features, including a powerful search API, version control, localization support, and real-time collaboration. These features make it easier for developers of all genders to collaborate with their team members, manage content efficiently, and deliver high-quality digital experiences to their users.

In conclusion, Contentful is a highly versatile CMS that caters to the needs of fullstack developers of all genders. It not only provides powerful content management capabilities but also supports both frontend and backend development. With its flexibility, scalability, and developer-friendly features, Contentful is an excellent choice for building content-driven websites and applications.

Job date: Sat, 09 Sep 2023 22:26:20 GMT

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