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eLearning Developer

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Job title: eLearning Developer

Company: Leidos

Job description: ). The Developer will perform coding for eLearning modules using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or other web-based programming

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Location: Washington DC

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An eLearning developer is a professional who designs and develops online training courses or modules for various organizations and industries. They are responsible for creating engaging and interactive content that effectively delivers the desired learning outcomes.

One of the primary tasks of an eLearning developer is to understand the learning objectives and target audience of a training program. By gathering relevant information and conducting thorough research, they gain insights into the needs and preferences of the learners. This allows them to design content that is tailored to the specific learning goals and requirements.

The development process begins with the creation of a storyboard or a detailed outline of the course. This blueprint helps the developer organize the content and structure the course in a logical and coherent manner. They determine the best instructional strategies and select the appropriate multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and interactive quizzes, to enhance the learning experience.

Using authoring tools and software, eLearning developers build the course modules and incorporate the content into a user-friendly interface. They ensure that the navigation and interactivity elements are intuitive and easy to understand. Additionally, they test the course on different devices and platforms to ensure compatibility and accessibility for the learners.

While designing eLearning content, developers must consider the principles of adult learning and instructional design. They need to create materials that cater to different learning styles and engage learners through various interactive activities. This may include simulations, case studies, and branching scenarios that encourage decision-making and critical thinking.

Collaboration plays a crucial role in the eLearning development process. eLearning developers often work closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers to gather the necessary information and ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content. They also seek feedback from stakeholders and learners to continuously improve and update the courses.

In addition to the technical skills required for multimedia development, eLearning developers should be well-versed in instructional design theories, eLearning standards, and learning management systems (LMS). They need to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the eLearning industry to deliver effective and impactful training solutions.

With the increasing popularity of online learning, the demand for eLearning developers is on the rise. Their expertise in creating engaging and interactive content is essential for organizations looking to provide effective training programs to their employees or clients. By leveraging their skills in instructional design and multimedia development, eLearning developers contribute immensely to the growth of eLearning as a powerful tool for education and professional development.

Job date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 07:09:19 GMT

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