Events and Marketing Assistant

Events and Marketing Assistant

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Job title: Events and Marketing Assistant

Company: University College Birmingham

Job description: ? Join our team as an Events and Marketing Assistant, where you’ll assist in organising marketing and recruitment events, both in… education and further education courses and as part of marketing and events team, you will play a key part on that journey…

Expected salary: £24715 – 25285 per year

Location: Birmingham

Post content:
An Events and Marketing Assistant is a professional who primarily supports the events and marketing team within an organization. Their main responsibilities include assisting with the planning, coordination, and execution of various events and promotional activities.

The Events and Marketing Assistant plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of events by handling logistics, such as venue selection, negotiating contracts, and coordinating with vendors. They also assist with event promotion, including designing and distributing marketing materials, managing social media campaigns, and collaborating with media partners. During the event, they ensure everything runs smoothly by overseeing setup, coordinating staff, and addressing any issues that arise.

In addition to events, the Events and Marketing Assistant also supports the marketing team in developing and implementing marketing strategies. This can involve conducting market research, analyzing competitor activity, and identifying target audiences. They also contribute to the creation of marketing collateral, such as brochures, website content, and email campaigns.

The ideal candidate for an Events and Marketing Assistant position possesses strong organizational and communication skills, as well as a creative mindset. They should be detail-oriented, able to multitask, and work well under pressure. Proficiency in computer software, such as Microsoft Office, graphic design tools, and social media platforms, is also essential.

To excel in this role, a candidate should have a solid understanding of marketing principles and concepts, as well as experience in event planning and execution. They should be knowledgeable about current industry trends and be able to think strategically to contribute innovative ideas.

Ultimately, the Events and Marketing Assistant contributes to the overall success of an organization by supporting both events and marketing initiatives. They assist in creating memorable experiences for attendees while also promoting the organization’s products or services. This role requires a combination of creativity, organization, and marketing skills, making it an exciting and diverse opportunity for those interested in event planning and marketing.

Job date: Sun, 09 Jul 2023 06:36:24 GMT

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