Expert Market Media Steering Manager

Expert Market Media Steering Manager

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Job title: Expert Market Media Steering Manager

Company: BMW

Job description: Market Media Steering Manager you will be responsible for the planning, delivery and optimisation of digital marketing… across paid search, digital display, affiliate and social media channels. Key Responsibilities ยท Support and consult the…

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Location: Farnborough, Hampshire

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The role of an Expert Market Media Steering Manager involves overseeing and managing the media strategy and execution for the Expert Market brand. This includes developing and implementing media plans, analyzing market trends, and optimizing media campaigns to drive customer engagement and sales.

The Media Steering Manager is responsible for developing and executing the overall media strategy for Expert Market. This includes identifying target audience segments, selecting the appropriate media channels, and creating a media plan that aligns with the brand’s objectives and budget. They work closely with internal teams, such as marketing and sales, to understand their needs and translate them into a comprehensive media strategy.

Once the media strategy is defined, the Media Steering Manager works with media agencies to execute the plan. This involves negotiating media buys, managing media budgets, and ensuring that all campaigns are launched and delivered on time and within budget. They also monitor the performance of media campaigns and make adjustments as necessary to optimize results.

In addition to managing media campaigns, the Media Steering Manager also analyzes market trends and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for growth. They track media performance metrics, such as reach, frequency, and return on investment, to measure the effectiveness of media campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future strategy adjustments.

The Media Steering Manager also stays updated on the latest media technologies and trends to ensure that Expert Market’s media strategy remains innovative and competitive. They research and evaluate new media channels and platforms to determine their potential for reaching target audiences and driving business growth.

To be successful in this role, a Media Steering Manager needs to have a strong understanding of media planning and buying, as well as excellent analytical and communication skills. They should have experience in managing media campaigns across various channels, such as digital, print, television, and radio. They should also have a data-driven mindset and be able to effectively analyze performance metrics to optimize media campaigns.

Overall, the role of an Expert Market Media Steering Manager is crucial for developing and executing an effective media strategy that helps drive customer engagement and business growth. They play a key role in positioning the Expert Market brand in the market and ensuring its message reaches the target audience effectively.

Job date: Sat, 01 Jul 2023 03:59:42 GMT

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