Front End Developer (Angular)

Front End Developer (Angular)

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Job title: Front End Developer (Angular)

Company: NEC Software Solutions

Job description: more at Job Description What you will be doing: As a Front End Developer you will be part of a very competent team that works on mission – critical applications… Are You? An experienced Angular Developer with expert hands-on knowledge and the ability to lead by example, offer solutions and contribute…

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Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

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A front-end developer, specifically one with experience in Angular, is responsible for creating the user interface and user experience of a website or application. They work closely with designers and back-end developers to ensure that the final product is visually appealing, functional, and meets the needs of the client or end user.

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that is widely used for building web applications. It allows developers to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. A front-end developer with experience in Angular will need to have a strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as familiarity with other front-end technologies and libraries.

One of the key tasks of a front-end developer is to take the designs provided by the UI/UX designer and turn them into code. This involves translating the visual elements into code that can be understood by the browser. They will need to ensure that the code is clean, efficient, and accessible, as well as compatible with different browsers and devices.

In addition to coding, front-end developers also play a crucial role in testing and debugging the website or application. They will need to conduct quality assurance checks to ensure that everything is functioning as expected and any issues are addressed.

A front-end developer with Angular experience should also have a good understanding of web performance optimization techniques. This includes minimizing file sizes, reducing server requests, and optimizing images to improve the loading speed of the website or application.

Collaboration is key in front-end development. A front-end developer will need to work closely with the UI/UX designer to ensure that the design vision is realized. They will also need to communicate and collaborate with back-end developers to ensure a smooth integration of the front-end code with the back-end functionality.

In summary, a front-end developer with expertise in Angular is responsible for translating design concepts into code, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, and ensuring the website or application functions as expected. They must have a strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as knowledge of other front-end technologies. Collaboration and communication skills are also essential for working effectively with designers and back-end developers.

Job date: Fri, 07 Jul 2023 22:37:29 GMT

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