Group Fitness Manager, Toronto

Group Fitness Manager, Toronto

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Job title: Group Fitness Manager, Toronto

Company: Equinox

Job description: fitness staff and operations of the group fitness program to ensure the highest level of programming and customer service…

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Location: Toronto, ON

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A group fitness manager in Toronto is responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of group fitness classes and programs at a fitness facility. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the group fitness department and providing an exceptional experience for members.

In Toronto, a group fitness manager’s responsibilities typically include planning and coordinating the group fitness class schedule, recruiting and training instructors, and monitoring class attendance and member feedback. They work closely with other departments within the fitness facility to ensure the overall success of the group fitness programs.

One of the key responsibilities of a group fitness manager is to create a diverse and engaging class schedule that caters to the needs and interests of the members. They consider factors such as class popularity, member feedback, and industry trends to determine the classes to be offered. They also ensure that classes are appropriately spaced throughout the day and week to accommodate different member schedules.

Recruiting and training instructors is another critical aspect of the group fitness manager’s role. They seek out talented and qualified instructors who possess the necessary certifications and knowledge to lead different types of classes. They conduct auditions, interviews, and training sessions to ensure that instructors meet the facility’s standards and are equipped to provide high-quality instruction to members.

Monitoring class attendance and member feedback is essential for the group fitness manager to gauge the success of the programs and make necessary adjustments. They use data from attendance records and member surveys to assess the popularity of classes and identify areas for improvement. They also actively seek out member feedback through in-person interactions and online platforms to address concerns and gather suggestions.

A group fitness manager in Toronto works closely with other departments, such as marketing and sales, to promote group fitness programs and increase member participation. They collaborate with marketing teams to develop effective advertising strategies and promotional materials. They also work with the sales team to encourage new memberships and retain existing members by highlighting the benefits of group fitness classes.

Overall, the role of a group fitness manager in Toronto is multifaceted and requires strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills. They are responsible for creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for members to achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a positive fitness experience.

Job date: Thu, 07 Sep 2023 22:32:41 GMT

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