HRJOB8963 Bioinformatics Scientist

HRJOB8963 Bioinformatics Scientist

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Job title: HRJOB8963 Bioinformatics Scientist

Company: Almac Discovery

Job description: and developer of innovative, first-in-class, drug molecules. By fully utilising the expertise and knowledge of our team to address…

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Location: Manchester

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HRJOB8963 is a job posting for a Bioinformatics Scientist position. The position requires expertise in bioinformatics, data analysis, and computational biology.

The Bioinformatics Scientist will be responsible for analyzing and interpreting genomic data to contribute to various research and development projects. This includes developing algorithms and statistical models to analyze large-scale datasets, integrating data from multiple sources, and identifying patterns and trends in the data. The Scientist will also be expected to design and implement data visualization tools to communicate findings to stakeholders.

The successful candidate will have a strong background in bioinformatics and computational biology, as well as proficiency in various programming languages and tools commonly used in the field. The Scientist will be responsible for developing and maintaining bioinformatics pipelines, so experience with pipeline development and management is essential. Additionally, expertise in using bioinformatics databases, tools, and software is required.

In addition to technical skills, the Bioinformatics Scientist must have excellent communication and collaboration skills. They will be expected to work closely with multidisciplinary teams, including biologists, geneticists, statisticians, and software engineers. Effective communication and the ability to translate complex technical concepts into layman’s terms is crucial.

The position requires a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a relevant field, such as bioinformatics, computational biology, or genomics. The candidate should have a strong publication record demonstrating their expertise in the field.

The Bioinformatics Scientist will have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research and development projects. They will work in a collaborative and innovative environment, making significant contributions to the advancement of genomics and personalized medicine.

Overall, HRJOB8963 is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Bioinformatics Scientist with a strong background in bioinformatics, data analysis, and computational biology. The position requires proficiency in programming languages, bioinformatics tools, and database management. The ability to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams and communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders is crucial. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a relevant field and a strong publication record. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research and development projects in genomics and personalized medicine.

Job date: Thu, 24 Aug 2023 22:28:03 GMT

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