Knowledge Management Developer

Knowledge Management Developer

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Job title: Knowledge Management Developer

Company: Leidos

Job description: Description This position will support the DISA GSM-O II Task Number 07 (TN07) Joint Force Headquarters DODIN. GSM-O II provides network operations and cyber defense support to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in support of t…

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Location: Laurel, MD

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A knowledge management developer is a professional who specializes in managing and organizing knowledge within an organization. Their role primarily involves designing, implementing, and maintaining systems and processes that facilitate the creation, sharing, and retrieval of knowledge.

One aspect of the knowledge management developer’s job is to create and administer knowledge management tools and platforms. These tools can include intranets, wikis, databases, and content management systems. The developer ensures that these systems are user-friendly and accessible to all employees, making it easy for them to contribute to and access the organization’s knowledge base.

Collaboration is a key component of knowledge management, and the developer plays a crucial role in fostering this. They facilitate the development of virtual communities and discussion forums where employees can share their expertise and collaborate on projects. They also encourage the use of internal social networks to connect employees and encourage knowledge sharing across different departments and teams.

Another responsibility of the knowledge management developer is to develop and implement knowledge capture and transfer processes. They create guidelines and best practices to ensure that knowledge is effectively documented and transferred from retiring employees to new hires. This includes designing training programs and onboarding processes that help new employees quickly get up to speed on the organization’s knowledge resources.

Furthermore, the developer is involved in the analysis and measurement of knowledge management initiatives. They track and measure the usage and effectiveness of knowledge management systems and tools, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance knowledge sharing and retrieval processes.

To be successful in their role, knowledge management developers need to have strong technical and analytical skills. They must be proficient in a variety of software tools and platforms, as well as have a deep understanding of information architecture and data management. Additionally, they need to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as they often work closely with employees from different departments and levels of the organization.

In conclusion, a knowledge management developer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining systems and processes that enable effective knowledge sharing and retrieval within an organization. They create user-friendly tools and platforms, foster collaboration among employees, develop knowledge capture and transfer processes, and analyze the effectiveness of knowledge management initiatives. Their role is vital in ensuring that an organization effectively utilizes and leverages its collective knowledge to drive innovation and achieve its goals.

Job date: Sun, 06 Aug 2023 07:35:30 GMT

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