Knowledge Management Developer

Knowledge Management Developer

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Job title: Knowledge Management Developer

Company: Leidos

Job description: Description This position will support the DISA GSM-O II Task Number 07 (TN07) Joint Force Headquarters DODIN. GSM-O II provides network operations and cyber defense support to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in support of t…

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Location: Columbia, MD

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A Knowledge Management Developer is responsible for managing the information and knowledge assets of an organization. They play a vital role in ensuring that knowledge is efficiently shared and accessible to all employees. This position requires a combination of technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of organizational processes.

One of the key responsibilities of a Knowledge Management Developer is to develop and implement strategies for capturing, organizing, and storing knowledge within an organization. They work closely with various teams and departments to identify knowledge gaps and develop systems and processes for filling those gaps. This may involve creating and maintaining databases, documents, and other repositories of knowledge.

Another important aspect of this role is to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees. Knowledge Management Developers may implement and manage online platforms or intranets where employees can access and contribute to a centralized knowledge base. They may also design and deliver training programs to educate employees on how to effectively use these knowledge-sharing tools.

In addition to managing knowledge repositories and promoting knowledge sharing, Knowledge Management Developers are also involved in the continuous improvement of knowledge management systems. They regularly analyze the effectiveness of existing systems and identify areas for improvement. They may research and recommend new technologies or tools that can enhance knowledge management within the organization.

Furthermore, Knowledge Management Developers are responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of knowledge assets. They ensure that access to sensitive information is appropriately restricted and implement measures to prevent unauthorized access or loss of data. They may also develop and enforce policies and procedures related to knowledge management and information security.

To excel in this role, a Knowledge Management Developer should have a strong understanding of information management principles and best practices. They should be proficient in using knowledge management tools and technologies and have a solid understanding of database management systems and information architecture.

Overall, the role of a Knowledge Management Developer is instrumental in creating a knowledge-driven culture within an organization. By effectively capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge, they enable employees to make informed decisions and improve their productivity.

Job date: Sun, 06 Aug 2023 07:34:49 GMT

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