Locum Associate Publisher

Locum Associate Publisher

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Job title: Locum Associate Publisher

Company: Springer Nature

Job description: , Marketing, Finance and other Editorial colleagues. Experience, skills and qualifications: Educated to degree level…

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Location: London – New York

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A locum associate publisher is a temporary position within the publishing industry. This role involves assisting the publisher with various tasks and responsibilities while the regular associate publisher is unavailable.

Typically, an associate publisher is responsible for overseeing the publication process, managing the editorial team, and assisting with marketing and sales efforts. They work closely with authors, editors, and other team members to ensure that publications are produced on time and to high-quality standards.

When the regular associate publisher is unable to fulfill their duties, a locum associate publisher steps in to maintain the workflow and ensure that all tasks are completed without interruption. This can include managing the publication schedule, coordinating with authors and editors, and overseeing the production and distribution of books or other materials.

A locum associate publisher may also be responsible for hiring and supervising temporary staff members, such as freelance editors or designers, to assist with the workload. They may also collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to develop strategies for promoting publications and reaching target audiences.

In addition to these responsibilities, a locum associate publisher may also have their own specialized tasks and projects. This could include conducting market research, analyzing sales data, or developing new initiatives to increase the publisher’s visibility and revenue. They may also be involved in contract negotiation and rights management for the publisher’s titles.

To be successful in this role, a locum associate publisher needs to have strong organizational and communication skills. They must be able to adapt quickly to new workflows and processes, as well as work well in a team environment. Attention to detail and a passion for the publishing industry are also important traits.

Overall, the role of a locum associate publisher is crucial in keeping the publisher’s operations running smoothly when the regular associate publisher is absent. They provide continuity and ensure that all publishing tasks are completed efficiently and to the publisher’s high standards.

Job date: Sun, 10 Sep 2023 02:49:50 GMT

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