Pharmacist- Per Diem

Pharmacist- Per Diem

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Job title: Pharmacist- Per Diem

Company: iAnthus Capital Holdings

Job description: sales marketing strategies. Minimum Qualifications: Must be a licensed Pharmacist. Experience in hospitality service…

Expected salary: $55 per hour

Location: East Rockaway, NY

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A pharmacist-per diem is a pharmacist who works on an as-needed basis, filling in for regular staff pharmacists during times of absence or increased workload. The term “per diem” means “by the day” in Latin, indicating that these pharmacists are hired on a temporary or daily basis.

Pharmacist-per diem positions are common in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and retail pharmacies. They provide a flexible solution to staffing needs, allowing pharmacies to maintain adequate coverage even during times of staff shortage, holidays, or unexpected absences. These pharmacists are often called upon to cover shifts on short notice, making them critical assets to the healthcare system.

The role of a pharmacist-per diem is similar to that of a regular staff pharmacist. They review prescriptions, dispense medication, provide patient counseling, and ensure that medications are safe and appropriate for use. They must have a thorough understanding of medication interactions, dosages, and potential side effects to ensure that patients receive optimal treatment. Additionally, pharmacist-per diems may also be responsible for inventory management, compounding medications, or performing medication therapy management services.

Pharmacists who choose to work per diem often enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with this role. They have the freedom to choose which shifts they want to work and can adjust their schedule to accommodate personal commitments. This flexibility also allows pharmacists to gain experience in different healthcare settings and expand their clinical knowledge.

However, working per diem also presents some challenges. As these pharmacists do not have a fixed schedule or guaranteed hours, their income may be less stable compared to regular staff pharmacists. Additionally, they may have to adapt quickly to different work environments, electronic systems, and procedures, which can be demanding. The ability to quickly learn and adapt is crucial for pharmacist-per diems to provide high-quality patient care.

In conclusion, pharmacist-per diem positions are an essential component of the healthcare system, providing temporary staffing solutions to pharmacies in times of need. These pharmacists have the skills and knowledge required to ensure the safe and appropriate use of medications, and their flexibility allows them to gain diverse experiences in various healthcare settings. While there are challenges associated with working per diem, many pharmacists are drawn to the autonomy and flexibility that this role offers. Overall, pharmacist-per diems play a vital role in maintaining quality patient care and ensuring that pharmacies can continue to provide their services efficiently.

Job date: Mon, 11 Sep 2023 07:31:40 GMT

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