Product Manager – Web & Ecommerce Platform

Product Manager - Web & Ecommerce Platform

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Job title: Product Manager – Web & ecommerce Platform

Company: Vention

Job description: tests, A/B test Technical SEO expertise, to optimize web page for SEO discoverability Excellent stakeholder management…

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Location: Montreal, QC

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A product manager specializing in web and e-commerce platforms is a crucial role within a company. This individual is responsible for overseeing the development and management of the company’s online presence, including websites, mobile applications, and other digital platforms used for selling products and services.

The product manager in this role acts as a liaison between various departments, such as marketing, design, and engineering, to ensure smooth coordination and execution of projects. They work closely with stakeholders to understand business needs and define the overall strategy for the web and e-commerce platform.

One of the key responsibilities of a product manager is to conduct market research and gather customer insights to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. They analyze user data and monitor industry trends to stay ahead of competitors and deliver a top-notch user experience.

In addition, the product manager collaborates with the design team to create user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design concepts that align with the company’s brand and target audience. They prioritize features and functionality based on user feedback and business objectives, and manage the product roadmap accordingly.

An important aspect of the job is project management, as the product manager is responsible for ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. They work closely with the development team, facilitating communication and resolving any issues that may arise during the development process. They also conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure a bug-free release and a seamless user experience.

Once the web and e-commerce platform is launched, the product manager continuously monitors performance metrics and conducts regular maintenance to address any technical issues or user concerns. They collaborate with the marketing team to develop strategies for driving traffic, increasing conversion rates, and optimizing the platform for search engine visibility.

In summary, a product manager specializing in web and e-commerce platforms plays a crucial role in overseeing the development, management, and optimization of a company’s online presence. They collaborate with various departments to define strategy, conduct market research, manage projects, and ensure a seamless user experience. By staying ahead of industry trends and understanding customer needs, they contribute to the company’s success in the digital marketplace.

Job date: Sun, 30 Jul 2023 03:13:57 GMT

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