Senior Developer – Data Conversion

Senior Developer - Data Conversion

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Job title: Senior Developer – Data Conversion

Company: Langara College

Job description: and supervise on project phases over Programmer Analyst (a and b)’s and other staff in junior positions. Incumbent may be asked…

Expected salary: $40.03 – 45.64 per hour

Location: Canada

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A senior developer specializing in data conversion plays a critical role in helping organizations migrate their data from one format to another. This complex task requires expertise in both programming and data management, ensuring that the data is accurately transferred and properly utilized in the new system.

Data conversion is the process of transforming data from one format, such as a legacy system, into a format that can be used in another system. This could involve converting data from a file-based system to a database, or from one database platform to another. The senior developer is responsible for developing and implementing the necessary code and procedures to ensure a smooth and accurate data conversion.

One of the key challenges faced by a senior developer in data conversion is dealing with data inconsistencies and errors. Often, data in legacy systems may be incomplete, outdated, or duplicated. It is the senior developer’s responsibility to analyze and clean the data before converting it to the new format. They may need to develop algorithms or scripts to identify and resolve these issues, ensuring that the data is accurate and consistent.

In addition to data cleaning, the senior developer is also responsible for mapping the data from the source format to the target format. This requires a deep understanding of both formats and the ability to identify corresponding fields and relationships. They may need to develop customized transformation routines or scripts to handle any discrepancies and ensure that the data is properly mapped and converted.

Another crucial aspect of data conversion is data validation. The senior developer must design and implement robust validation checks to ensure that the converted data meets the required standards and is fit for use in the new system. This may involve creating data quality rules, conducting data profiling, and performing data reconciliation between the source and target systems.

Overall, the role of a senior developer in data conversion is multifaceted and requires a strong blend of technical skills, data management expertise, and problem-solving abilities. They must be proficient in programming languages, databases, and data manipulation tools. They must also have a keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of data structures and formats. With their knowledge and skills, senior developers play a crucial role in ensuring the successful migration of data and the smooth functioning of the organization’s systems.

Job date: Sat, 05 Aug 2023 00:05:01 GMT

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