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Job title: Senior DevOps Engineer (m/w/d)

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Job description: Herausforderung: Als Senior DevOps Engineer (m/w/d) trägst du dein DevOps-Mindset in andere Teams, hebst die Developer-Experience… unterstützt unsere interdisziplinären Development-Teams, indem du die Developer-Experience kontinuierlich optimierst und den Flow…

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Location: Lüneburg, Niedersachsen

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The Senior DevOps Engineer role is a key position within the IT department of a company. This role is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s DevOps infrastructure, as well as providing leadership and guidance to the DevOps team.

The Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for managing and improving the company’s CI/CD pipeline, automating software deployments, and implementing best practices for configuration management, infrastructure as code, and containerization. They will also work closely with development and operations teams to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, as well as proactively resolving issues and ensuring high availability and performance of the company’s applications and systems.

In addition to technical skills, the Senior DevOps Engineer must also possess strong leadership and communication skills. They will be responsible for mentoring and coaching junior DevOps engineers, as well as collaborating with other teams and stakeholders to drive DevOps adoption and the continuous improvement of the company’s IT processes.

The ideal candidate for this role will have a deep understanding of DevOps principles and methodologies, as well as hands-on experience with a variety of DevOps tools and technologies such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS. They should also have a strong background in scripting and automation, as well as experience with monitoring and logging tools.

Overall, the Senior DevOps Engineer role is a highly strategic and impactful position within the IT department. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in improving the company’s software delivery and infrastructure reliability, as well as driving cultural and organizational change towards a more collaborative and agile approach to software development and operations.

Key responsibilities:

– Develop and maintain the company’s DevOps infrastructure
– Manage and improve the CI/CD pipeline
– Automate software deployments
– Implement best practices for configuration management, infrastructure as code, and containerization
– Identify and resolve bottlenecks and areas for improvement
– Mentor and coach junior DevOps engineers
– Drive DevOps adoption and continuous improvement of IT processes
– Collaborate with development and operations teams
– Ensure high availability and performance of applications and systems

Job date: Sat, 02 Sep 2023 00:45:17 GMT

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