Senior Program Manager, TAP

Senior Program Manager, TAP

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Job title: Senior Program Manager, TAP

Company: Amazon

Job description: , instructional design or related field Experience with programming languages ideally Python, R and or Visual Basic. Amazon…

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Location: London

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The Senior Program Manager of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is a crucial role within a company or organization. This individual is responsible for managing and overseeing the TAP, ensuring its success and effectiveness.

The TAP is a program designed to help customers adopt new technology products or services. It is often used by companies who want to launch a new product or service but need help getting it into the hands of customers. The TAP helps bridge the gap between the development of the technology and its successful adoption by customers.

The Senior Program Manager plays a key role in leading the TAP. They work closely with different teams within the company to develop and execute a TAP strategy. This involves identifying the target customers, creating a plan for reaching them, and coordinating the internal resources needed for a successful launch. The goal is to ensure that the product or service is adopted by customers as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To achieve this, the Senior Program Manager must have strong project management skills. They need to be able to develop and manage a project schedule, allocate resources effectively, and track progress towards goals. They also need strong communication skills to effectively communicate with different stakeholders, including customers, internal teams, and executives.

Another important aspect of the Senior Program Manager’s role is to monitor and evaluate the success of the TAP. This involves collecting and analyzing data on customer adoption rates, customer feedback, and any issues or challenges that arise. The Senior Program Manager is responsible for identifying areas of improvement and implementing changes to ensure the program’s success.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Senior Program Manager may also be involved in other aspects of the company’s technology adoption efforts. This could include conducting market research, analyzing competitive landscapes, and developing strategies for product positioning and pricing.

Overall, the Senior Program Manager of the TAP is a critical role for companies looking to successfully launch new technology products or services. They are responsible for developing and executing a TAP strategy, managing resources, and ensuring customer adoption. They must possess strong project management and communication skills and be able to analyze data and make strategic decisions to drive success.

Job date: Sat, 24 Jun 2023 05:31:15 GMT

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