Senior Site Manager

Senior Site Manager

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Job title: Senior Site Manager

Company: MCG Construction

Job description: and private health care? If so please read on… My client are an established developer whom work on high spec, luxury…

Expected salary: £60000 – 80000 per year

Location: Oxford

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A senior site manager is a professional responsible for overseeing the operations and management of construction sites. They play a crucial role in ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to the client’s specifications.

One of the main responsibilities of a senior site manager is to create a detailed plan for each project. This involves coordinating with the client, architects, engineers, and subcontractors to establish project goals, timelines, and budgets. They must also ensure that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained before construction begins.

Once construction starts, the senior site manager takes charge of supervising the work progress. They monitor the quality of work being done, ensuring that it meets the required standards and codes. They are also responsible for managing the manpower and resources on-site, making sure that everything is efficiently utilized.

Another crucial role of a senior site manager is managing the project budget. They must keep track of all expenses, making sure that they are within the approved budget. This involves reviewing and approving invoices, monitoring costs, and making adjustments if necessary. They also work closely with the project scheduler to ensure that work is progressing according to the established timeline.

In addition to these duties, a senior site manager is also responsible for maintaining a safe working environment. They enforce safety regulations and protocols, conducting regular inspections to identify potential hazards. They must also ensure that all workers are trained and equipped with the necessary safety gear to minimize the risk of accidents.

Effective communication is essential for a senior site manager’s successful performance. They must collaborate with various stakeholders and update them on the project’s progress regularly. This includes conducting meetings, preparing reports, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise.

To become a senior site manager, extensive experience in the construction industry is typically required. A bachelor’s degree in construction management or a related field is often preferred. Strong leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills are also essential.

Overall, a senior site manager plays a critical role in the successful completion of construction projects. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing all aspects of the construction site, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, safely, and within budget.

Job date: Thu, 17 Aug 2023 01:43:34 GMT

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