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Job title: Senior UI Developer

Company: Navtechusa

Job description: I have an opportunity for a “Senior UI Developer” – (McLean, VA Hybrid Need Local Candidates). and I am… someone I would really appreciate it. Job Title : Senior UI developer Location : Mclean, VA ( Hybrid) Duration : 12 Months Visa : H1b…

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Location: West Mclean, VA

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A senior UI developer is an experienced professional who specializes in creating user interfaces for websites and applications. They have a deep understanding of user-centered design principles and are responsible for designing and implementing visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

A senior UI developer is a key member of a development team and collaborates closely with other designers, developers, and stakeholders to ensure the user interface meets the project’s requirements. They have excellent technical skills and are proficient in various programming languages and tools, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

One of the main responsibilities of a senior UI developer is to translate design concepts into functional and interactive user interfaces. They take wireframes and mockups created by UX designers and turn them into pixel-perfect designs using HTML and CSS. They also add interactivity and animations using JavaScript to enhance the overall user experience.

In addition to coding, senior UI developers also conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and fix any issues or bugs in the interface. They ensure the interface is compatible with different devices and browsers and optimize it for performance and speed. They may also collaborate with back-end developers to integrate the UI with the underlying systems and databases.

Senior UI developers also stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies to continuously improve their skills and stay ahead in the field. They have a good eye for aesthetics and understand the importance of usability and accessibility in creating effective user interfaces.

Apart from technical skills, senior UI developers also possess good communication and teamwork abilities. They often work closely with UX designers, project managers, and clients to gather requirements and provide updates on their progress. They are able to effectively communicate their ideas and explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

In conclusion, a senior UI developer is a highly skilled professional responsible for designing and implementing user interfaces for websites and applications. They possess a strong technical background and are proficient in coding languages and tools. They collaborate closely with other team members and stakeholders to ensure the user interface meets the project requirements and provides a seamless user experience.

Job date: Fri, 23 Jun 2023 22:20:21 GMT

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