Software Developer (m/f/d) C++ / Machine Vision

Software Developer (m/f/d) C++ / Machine Vision

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Job title: Software Developer (m/f/d) C++ / Machine Vision

Company: Bundesdruckerei

Job description: Several years of experience with the programming language C++ according to the current state of the art Professional experience in…

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Location: M√ľnchen, Bayern

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A software development company is currently seeking a software developer with expertise in C++ and machine vision. The role involves developing software solutions for various applications, particularly in the field of machine vision technology.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in C++ programming and be familiar with machine vision libraries and algorithms. They will be responsible for designing and implementing software functionalities, as well as conducting tests and debugging to ensure the software’s quality.

The software developer will work closely with a team of engineers to understand customer requirements and translate them into technical specifications. They will also collaborate with hardware engineers to ensure compatibility between software and hardware components.

Proficiency in object-oriented programming (OOP) is necessary for this role, as the candidate will be expected to design and develop reusable and modular code. Knowledge of design patterns and software development methodologies will also be beneficial.

Additionally, the software developer will be responsible for integrating third-party libraries and APIs into the software, as well as optimizing software performance and memory usage. Experience with version control systems, such as Git, is essential for managing code changes and collaborating with other developers.

A strong problem-solving mindset is crucial in this position, as the software developer will need to troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise during the software development process. They should be able to think critically and work independently to find solutions.

The company values innovation and encourages its employees to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in C++ and machine vision technology. As such, the software developer should have a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and techniques.

Excellent communication skills are essential for this role, as the software developer will be expected to effectively communicate complex technical concepts and collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Overall, this software developer position offers an exciting opportunity to work with cutting-edge machine vision technology and contribute to the development of innovative software solutions.

Job date: Sat, 02 Sep 2023 22:47:13 GMT

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