Software Quality Engineer (SDET) | Canada

Software Quality Engineer (SDET) | Canada

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Job title: Software Quality Engineer (SDET) | Canada

Company: Bellwood Labs

Job description: About the job We are seeking a Software Quality Engineer to test and sustain the quality of a variety of Web… at testing new functionalities and preventing regressions. The role is comparable to a Software Development Engineer in Test…

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Location: Toronto, ON

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A software quality engineer, also known as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), is a professional responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications. These individuals play a critical role in the development process as they focus on testing and evaluating software systems to identify and fix any bugs, defects, or performance issues that may arise.

In Canada, the demand for SDETs is growing rapidly as more and more companies understand the importance of delivering high-quality software to their customers. This has resulted in a surge in job opportunities for professionals with expertise in software testing and quality assurance.

The main responsibilities of an SDET include designing and implementing test cases, conducting comprehensive test plans, and performing automated tests to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process. They work closely with software developers to understand the requirements and functionalities of the software in order to devise appropriate testing strategies.

SDETs use various testing techniques and tools to assess the performance and functionality of software systems. This includes conducting functional and non-functional testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, and security testing. They also create and maintain test environments and test data to simulate real-world scenarios and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the software.

In addition to testing, SDETs also collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers and software architects, to define quality metrics and ensure that the software meets the specified requirements. They participate in code reviews and provide valuable feedback to improve the overall quality and performance of the software.

To become a software quality engineer, one must possess a strong background in computer science or a related field. They should have a solid understanding of programming languages, such as Java, Python, or C++, and proficiency in using testing frameworks and tools, like Selenium or JUnit.

Good analytical and problem-solving skills are also essential as SDETs are required to identify and troubleshoot issues efficiently. Strong communication and collaboration skills are also crucial to effectively work with different stakeholders and contribute to the development and maintenance of high-quality software applications.

Overall, software quality engineers/SDETs play a crucial role in the software development process by ensuring that software applications meet high standards of quality, performance, and functionality. The demand for these professionals is steadily increasing in Canada, reflecting the growing importance of delivering reliable and bug-free software to customers.

Job date: Fri, 04 Aug 2023 00:50:36 GMT

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