System and Network Administrator

System and Network Administrator

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Job title: System and Network Administrator

Company: Controles Laurentide

Job description: , Clusters, RAID Arrays, Fiber Switches IP Telephony: ShoreTel / Mitel. (Asset) Linux OS (Asset) Programing skills: PHP, Java…

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Location: Kirkland, QC

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A system and network administrator is a crucial role within an organization that ensures the smooth functioning and security of computer systems and networks. This is a complex and demanding position that requires a range of technical skills and knowledge.

One of the primary responsibilities of a system and network administrator is to install, configure, and maintain computer systems and networks. This involves setting up hardware, such as servers and routers, as well as installing and updating software, such as operating systems and security applications. The administrator must also ensure that all components are properly connected and integrated to ensure efficient data transfer and communication.

In addition to installation and configuration, the administrator is responsible for monitoring and maintaining system and network performance. This includes regularly checking for errors or malfunctions and taking appropriate measures to resolve them. The administrator must also implement security measures to protect the systems and networks from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. This may involve installing firewalls, antivirus software, and other security applications, as well as regularly updating and patching the systems to address any vulnerabilities.

Another important aspect of a system and network administrator’s role is troubleshooting and problem-solving. When issues arise, the administrator must investigate, diagnose, and resolve the problem as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and disruption to the organization. This requires a strong understanding of computer systems and networks, as well as the ability to think critically and creatively to find solutions.

Furthermore, a system and network administrator is typically responsible for managing user accounts and permissions. This involves creating and deleting user accounts, assigning appropriate access levels, and enforcing password policies to ensure data security. The administrator may also provide technical support to end-users, assisting them with any technical difficulties they may encounter.

Overall, the role of a system and network administrator is vital to the efficient operation of an organization’s computer systems and networks. They are responsible for installation, configuration, and maintenance of hardware and software, monitoring performance and security, troubleshooting and resolving issues, and managing user accounts. This requires a broad range of technical skills, as well as a proactive and problem-solving mindset. Without a skilled system and network administrator, an organization’s computer systems and networks could be vulnerable to various risks and inefficiencies.

Job date: Fri, 12 May 2023 22:34:40 GMT

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